Personalized gift boxes, with a twist – build your own or shop pre-made!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Wondering something? Curious about how we operate? Keep reading! If you're still left with unanswered questions, please reach out to us directly. 


1. What size are the boxes? Our boxes are 9" x 7" x 3" and we currently offer one size. 

2. How do you ship? We use a third party courier service. They ensure you receive shipping and tracking notifications for your package. 

3. How long does shipping take? Speedy quick! 3-5 business days (after your order has been wrapped and processed by us).  

4. Where do you deliver? Great news! We deliver nationwide in the United States (including US territories & Puerto Rico).

6. What is your refund policy? All sales are final; BUT – if you have any feedback, issues, or suggestions, we're all ears. 

7. Why are there limits on the amounts on some products? Some of the products we offer are larger than others. We set limits for you so that you don't overflow your box with too many large items (and don't have to worry about it).

8. What is the maximum number of items I add to a gift box? 6 items! You'll receive a notification if you exceed this limit. 

9. Where do I enter the message I would like in the card I selected? At checkout!

10. Will you spellcheck or correct my card message? Nope! We only write what you type in the message box. Inside jokes are a thing. 

11. I entered the wrong address on my order – help! If you just placed the order, reach out to us ASAP. If the order is already on its way to the wrong address, we'll do our best to work with our third party courier service to see what they can do. If the package gets sent back to us, we'll simply charge you another shipping fee to get it to the right address. Please double check your orders before submitting to avoid any of this! 

12. Wait, something is missing from my box. What do I do? We are all human, and humans hand wrap and ship your boxes. Sometimes mistakes are made. If this is the case, reach out to us and we'll do our best to make it up to you!

13. Will my box come with a receipt? Absolutely not! Since most of our boxes are gifts/surprises, we wouldn't dream of including a receipt. 

14. Do you make corporate or custom gifts? TOTALLY! Reach out to us directly so we can put together a custom order for you.